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Every day thousands of people join Ashley Madison to find discreet relationships of all kinds. Single, attached, looking to explore, or just curious to discover what's out there — Ashley Madison is the most open-minded dating community in the world.

Discretion matters
We know you value your privacy, and we do too. We will never ask you to log in using a public social network account, and we have several features designed to help you keep your private life private—whatever your reasons.

Completely independent

You don't need to link your Ashley Madison account to any other social network. In fact, you can't. All you need to sign up is an email address (for even more discretion, we recommend using a unique email just for this account).

Discreet photos

You control exactly what you want people to see! Want to show off your smile in your profile photo? Great! But if you’re looking to add a bit more of an air of mystery, you can use our blur or mask tools. For even more discretion, you can mark photos as private and only share those with members who catch your eye.

Inbox control

We know sometimes it can be daunting to see an inbox full of messages. We help you manage your time and your connections with our Quick Reply feature. If you have too many winks or favorites, you can quickly and easily let those members know you'd be happy to respond to a full message. That means less time spent replying to people you may not be the best match with, and more time finding the discreet relationship you really want.

Travel perks

The excitement of traveling to a new city can be amplified when it includes meeting someone new. With Traveling Man and Traveling Woman features, you can find those connections before you’ve even packed your bags. Message members in your destination city ahead of time to mix business with pleasure.

It only takes a moment

It's all too easy to get caught up in the routine. We count down the hours instead of enjoy our time and we long for something more, but in the end we are left with the mundane, boring, everyday activities that make up our lives.

Once in a while, something special happens. A fleeting glance, an accidental touch, a returned smile: these moments show us a glimpse of something different, something more. We think about them and what they could mean for us, the path not taken and the life not lived.

But what if you could make those moments happen yourself? Feel the butterflies, experience the desire, and know what it is not to just live but to really come alive? Ashley Madison is the place to start your journey, to find your moment.

Ashley Madison is for everyone

Whatever brings you to Ashley Madison, you can feel safe knowing that you're not alone. Our members are single, attached and seeking an affair partner, or attached and seeking something polyamorous. They are looking for online flirtation, for something casual, and for discreet relationships. They are students, stay-at-home moms and dads, office workers, tradespeople, entrepreneurs, retirees, and everyone in between. Sexual orientation, relationship status, age, wealth, and religion are unimportant here. Everyone has different reasons for joining a free dating site like Ashley Madison, but they are united in a desire to seek out real, discreet connections. No matter your reason, circumstances, or what you're looking for, you'll find what's missing at Ashley Madison.

The first online dating site of its kind

When Ashley Madison started in 2001, there weren't many places adults could go for discreet dating. Meeting someone at work or through friends is too risky when discretion is your number one concern. Many turned to traditional online dating websites, but found it difficult to connect with people looking for a similar type of arrangement. And so  Ashley Madison was created as the first website that was open and honest about what you could find there: like-minded people looking for married dating. As a place free of judgement, Ashley Madison revolves around the idea that consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in private. What began over a decade ago soon grew to be the international leader in the affair dating space. Originally designed specifically for married men and women looking to have extramarital affairs in the most discreet way possible, it has since evolved to be so much more.

More than an affair site

Ashley Madison today is about so much more than infidelity, it's about all kinds of adult dating. In fact, a large number of our millions of members around the globe are singles drawn to the site because they want the kind of discretion Ashley Madison has been synonymous with for over a decade. Many members are in fulfilling relationships and need a safe place to explore polyamory together. Others still are looking for same-sex relationships but want to keep it separate from their personal and professional networks. Of course, there are still men and women seeking an affair on Ashley Madison, but we don't let that define us and neither should you. Ashley Madison is the best place to find real, discreet relationships with open-minded adults.

Ashley Madison Review

Features of Ashley Madison Explained

Ashley Madison is the leading website for married dating and for people looking to have an affair. Joining is easy, it takes 30 seconds and it is free! With your free Ashley Madison account you will be able to browse thousands of local profiles of married women and married men looking to have an affair.

Whether you are married and looking or simply single and want to date married individuals Ashley Madison can help you find the perfect relationship in a discreet and safe way. During the registration process we never ask any personal information, all we ask is a few personal questions like what you are looking for, what kind of relationship you are seeking and things that turn you on in and out of the bedroom. Filling out your profile will take about 30 seconds and will make sure that you will find your perfect match in no time. 

The Ashley Madison free membership will allow you to browse all profiles and see who is available in your area and so you will be able to decide whether you should purchase a membership or not. The Free membership is available for everyone and all you need to do is fill out the basic registration form and within seconds you will have access to the entire profiles database. The search feature and the advanced search feature will also allow you to filter profiles based on specific characteristics or interests assuring that before messaging the person you know exactly you might be match or not. 

The Premium Packages available on Ashley Madison will allow you to chat and message with members on the site and it will also give you access to extra premium features such as the mobile app and the mobile version of the website allowing you to browse and communicate with married women and married men discreetly without having to ever use your home computer. 

The basic introductory package starts at $49 dollars and it will load your account with 100 credits. Credits on Ashley Madison never expire and will always be available even if you leave the website and decide to come back later. 

Signup today and have an affair! 

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