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Webster’s dictionary defines cheating as "to be sexually unfaithful", and offers examples of a man cheating on his wife. Now this might have been true for most of human history but that’s probably because over the course of mankind’s resume with marriage, female adulterers were taking a chance that is the equivalent of cliff-diving blindly into the deep end of muddy waters. Sure, you could survive, but you’ll probably be overcome by the overwhelming elements of that experience. In other words, women had little to non-existent power throughout the majority of history and the consequences of getting caught having an affair would result in physical punishment and/or catastrophic public shaming.

Nope, history was not so kind to the female sex. Men, meanwhile, were not just excused for their sexual adventures, they were often rewarded for them- sometimes with respect and admiration. History’s greatest heroes were men who also happened to have plenty of women on the side. Napoleon, Martin Luther King Jr., JFK and Bill Clinton just to name a few of those unfaithful icons.

a night on the town for a cheater housewife

But the most fascinating example of infidelity is a rather famous influential scientist named Albert Einstein, you might have heard of him?! In a National Geographic article(3) documenting the late genius’ views on monogamy, we find out Einstein had several extramarital affairs and was quite the charismatic wooer.

Einstein refused to accept that humans are wired for monogamy and, according to the article, even adopted a type of free spirited love when it came to matters of exploring the libido. More poignant were the words he wrote in his letters, “I am sure you know that most men (as well as quite a number of women) are not monogamously endowed by nature.”

Powerful words from the man so synonymous with intelligence, most of society still considers him the Michael Jordan of genius. What is interesting to note, however, is the reference to ‘quite a number of women.’ Perhaps this suggests that women are not made for monogamy any more than men, but rather, women adopted it as a matter of conditioning and as a measure of survival and security throughout time.

“Nature will come through even stronger if convention and circumstances are putting resistances in the way of the individual.”

Resistance indeed. Now that women are living in modern times where security is no longer an issue, there is an ability to ask more self-fulfilling questions about happiness, and with ‘quite a number of women,’ the answers point to the thrill of passion and acceptance of an animal instinct. Welcome to an era of female empowerment through affairs.

The greatest cheating wives in history

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Cleopatra, Catherine the great, and Marie Antoinette, three of the most powerful cheating wives in human history.

Along with their fierceness as leaders and confident women, they were documented to have insatiable libidos despite the pressures of their respective eras calling for them to be loyal to one man or even celibacy…strange times.

This article counts down the top 10 great cheating queens in history and it is written with the type of flair that would cause even the most faithful of real lonely housewives to shout “you go girl!”(4)

So here we are, hundreds of years and thousands of brave feminists later. Dare we say, the idea of wives who cheat is now an act of empowerment in some circumstances? So, what are those circumstances? What is the origin story of married women who want to cheat?

Physically speaking

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The Daily Mail(5) reported a survey that said 68 percent of married women who cheat choose younger men because they perform better in the bedroom. Fair enough, sexual satisfaction is not just a man’s hunt as Mr. Einstein observed, and more and more surveys agree.

Another recent study(6) in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy reported 74 percent of married men and 68 percent of women admit they'd have an affair if they knew they'd never get caught. Clearly women have needs and they are now presented with the freedom to chase them.

Michelle Crosby is a relationship expert and founder of Wevorce, she states "Not such a wide gap between the sexes and an interesting revelation on the strength of morality in today's world."

Harsh much? One has to wonder if labeling cheating moms as immoral is a thing of the past. Not everything can be so black and white, there are grey areas right?!

Emotionally Stimulating

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This is the stereotype answer to why women cheat. Women need emotional support from their husbands and all the sensitivity jargon you can think of goes in this category. To be blunt, married women who are feeling emotionally neglected might certainly turn to an affair for renewed vigor in life.

Some common emotional reasons for an extramarital affair includes the feeling of an unfulfilled (sexless) marriage, marrying too early, no more connection with a spouse and the sheer motive of revenge because of the man’s transgressions. One study(7) found 14% of women cited revenge as a reason for cheating. Pretty sure the saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” was written by a dude who messed up big time on the loyalty front.

Cheaters gone digital


The digital age is upon us and with that comes a new resource for anybody who has ever thought about married dating

… technology! Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, video conferencing and the ever revolutionary world of online dating apps has changed the way human beings fall in love, date, and now cheat. A study from Trustify said 40% of online affairs turn into real life affairs.(8)

One can venture to say that this seems kind of lower than expected, considering there was an obvious intention to experiment with an affair. Perhaps some women turn back, but for how long? The same study shows that the most likely time for cheating happens two years into a marriage.

Benefits of online affair sites

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Sexually frustrated wives don’t seem to wear signs in shopping malls. Ditto goes for the emotionally neglected adulterer in the making. Now insert the fascination for online affair services and the outlet this provides for both the wife that wants to cheat with new partners and the husband who is looking to "find cheating housewives near me" - and the options are as bright as a beacon.

The caveat for this experience is that both the man and woman have something valuable in common, mutually assured destruction! The amount of risk is at peak levels for both sides and the icebreaker seems very obvious from an outsider’s perspective. Why are you here? Why are you doing this? Let me tell you why I’m here. These are the questions that connect people. We bond deeply in highly exhilarating moments, right? The thrill of an affair is no different psychologically and the internet is the beginning of that thrill ride.

Women feel different on the internet

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In a feature for the American Psychological Association, Brendan L. Smith writes “While men traditionally have been the more unfaithful sex, gender roles are reversing in some cases as more women experience cybersex.” The playing field is slowly becoming more fair and we don’t have to have any crazy public revolutions or riots, the internet is the ultimate equalizer in the world of extramarital affairs.

For the deprived sexy housewife in the world, rest assured times are changing as Professor Katherine Hertlein says “That is starting to even out in part because of the equality of opportunity that the Internet brings to everybody,” (8)

Now here's where it gets interesting, women are seeking different experiences in the online realm for cheating. Kimberly Young, PhD, director of the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery says “more women are now online cheaters, in part, because women gravitate toward erotic chats and webcam sessions while men often are drawn to pornography.”

Perhaps part of that equal playing field process is having the freedom to actually play and explore sexuality in all forms.

things a can out of control quickly with a cheating wife

Husbands encouraging their cheating partners

The rabbit hole gets deeper when we bring this up but there are polymorous/open marriages where husbands want their wives to cheat, either for mutual pleasure or for sabotage, the first option being more ideal of course.

But it’s just another example of the depths of what online cheating websites have to offer and why the poly dating market is exploding. Real cheating housewives are out there looking for those who choose to pursue them.

The double standard is in a coma

You started reading this with the idea that there is a double standard we are trying to squash. The male stranglehold on the world of infidelity is not quite so tight anymore. It’s about time too. There is no monopoly on sexual appetite and the avenues that feed it. The morals of having an affair aside, there is no denying the powerful liberation effect when all humans have the right to fulfill their unfaithful needs. How people choose to do so is none of our business, although where to find cheating wives should be pretty obvious. Looking for local married women is a good quick bet. Morality is a relative term anyway.