tile genz2

Decoding Gen Z

A report on non-monogamy, sex, and the desire for discretion

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tile unbound

Unbound Love: Sex, Fantasy, and Desire

Redefining what it means to have an open approach to relationships.

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tile nextgen

The Next Generation of Non-Monogamy

Is sharing the new currency of love?

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tile typesmono

Types of Non-Monogamy

Monogamy, by default, isn't for everyone. In fact, some people may find they are happier in open or non-monogamous relationships.

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tile sexualhealth

Sexual Health is Wealth

Tackling the pleasure gap affecting modern relationships today.

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tile sexual

Sexual Healing

A global report on the marital pleasure gap and benefits of outsourcing intimacy.

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tile crux

The Crux of Infidelity

A global report on faith, marriage, and affairs.

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tile lovebeyond

Love Beyond Lockdown

A report on navigating marriage and infidelity through a pandemic and the new normal.

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tile goodwife

The Good Wife Study

A report on female sexuality & cheating habits.

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