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July 15, 2011


Ashley Madison hits its 10 millionth member, continuing to ensure it is the most popular and successful website for heterosexual married dating services. Ashley Madison Down Low has also had enormous success in breaking into the same-sex market for bisexual married men who are wanting to have an affair with another man.

June 7, 2011


Have a fetish? Have a fantasy you want fulfilled? Then have an affair! Dr. Drew Pinsky reiterates the fact that cheating can help a marriage and relationship. In his CNN article, he responds the Mr. Weiner cheating scandal by saying, " I'm not saying that what Rep. Weiner did was OK. But let's allow him to get his personal life in order. That's what the priority is now. His marriage can be saved. With treatment, he and his wife can end up in a relationship that is stronger, and better, than ever. " Dr. Drew seemed to be dead accurate about Charlie Sheen, isn't it time to have an affair and see for yourself? Many people have called the cheating scandal Weinergate, a reference to the Richard Nixon Watergate Affair. “If a man is able to have healthy and hot sex with his partner and have his fetish fantasies without her and enjoy them,” asks psychotherapist Dr. Joe Kort, "What’s wrong with that?”

May 19, 2011


Have sex AND prevent STD's like a porn star?


Porn Star Dylan Ryan says in her eight years as an adult performer -- she has about five sexual partners a month professionally -- she hasn't contracted a single STD. She says when she has sex with men outside work she always uses a condom. Porn Star Savanna Samson was recently in an Ashley Madison commercial. The commercial made headline news over the Superbowl when it was rejected by main stream television, possibly because it featured a porn star. In today's society, fetishes and fantasies are no longer nearly impossible to fulfill. If you have a fetish or fantasy, you should have an affair to fulfill it!

May 17, 2011


Celebrities Arnold Schwarzenegger (also former California Governor) and Maria Schriver end their 25 year marriage when he came clean about having an affair with his household staff more than a decade ago. The problem wasn't just that he had an affair, but he had a child with the unnamed staff member, who raised the child in their house for more than 10 years. The affair wasn't the real problem the real problem was fathering the child with the woman and keeping it a secret for more than a decade. Now doesn't Arnold Schwarzenegger wish he had an affair on Ashley Madison and used a condom... But the real question is will more women come forward, or is this the end of the embarrassment? Arnold Schwarzenegger is nor the first nor the last politician to become caught in the spotlight for having an affair. Maybe John Edwards can offer some advice to the former movie star. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't appear to have any cuckold fetishes like Tiger Woods or foot fetishes like NFL New York Jet's Coach Rex Ryan.

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May 10, 2011


In spring, the birds are singing the bees are buzzing, and the newest and second best place to have an affair is Ashley Madison Down Low. The reality is that when a wife, partner, or woman doesn't understand or share the same sexual desires as you, there are plenty of other people wanting to fill those sexual needs. Today's flexible-sexual is accepted and no longer rejected by main stream America, and heteroflexible is no longer something that has to be kept in the back of your mind.


February 13, 2011 and February 14, 2011


Ashley Madison had a great Mistress Day and Valentine's Day, which is always one to remember. The next day which is always a record at Ashley Madison is the day after Mother's Day. This year we are expecting no shortage of sign-ups as well. Lust is in the air, because at Ashley Madison, everyone is having an affair! Join today and learn about the secrets of seduction and about how to successfully have an affair with a woman.


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January 21, 2011 Ashley Madison gears up for the NFL Superbowl on February 6th.


Ashley Madison prepares for the Superbowl by releasing their latest and funniest commercial to appear during half-time. The commercial was banned by FOX for appearing during the intermission show. The commercial features adult film star, Savanna Samson and some girl on girl kissing with other humorous action. This commercial isn't the first time that Avid Life Media has had a rough time getting a commercial to air. In 2009, Ashley Madison's other Superbowl commercial was banned by NBC. TMZ's article is quoted, "Not only does NBC not want to show PETA's ode to chicks erotically frolicking with produce, but they've also banned a spot by America's favorite extra-marital dating website, Oh, the humanity!"

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