How to Have an Affair: Tips for Success with Extramarital Affairs for Men.

You ended up on our website because you are considering having an affair. You are at the most successful place where people are able to discreetly and openly engage in their search for the perfect married dating partner.  When you finally decide that you are ready to have an affair, you will need to approach each affair partner with even more class and respect than if you were approaching a single woman. The following tips will hopefully help teach some of you men how to have an affair successfully.

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The first married dating tip on how to have an affair and most important, is be patient and don’t get discouraged. Married women tend to be reluctant to put their marriage on the line for another man, and women generally take much smaller risks and seek fewer rewards in life than men do. Keep this in mind. You may be the best looking guy on Ashley Madison and you may have the best approach for these married women, but married women are many times less likely to rush into having an affair. Not only is patience a virtue, it is the most important skill you can have while engaging in the world of extramarital affairs and searching for a cheating partner.

The second tip is to start out slow but stand out from the crowd. The female members on extramarital affair websites receive many emails from men and sending them one-liners is likely going to result with them not responding and you thinking our site is a scam. Take the time to write a well thought out email. Here is an example of what would be a good initial email to send, but remember if you steal this from this page, she likely will know you are unoriginal and couldn’t even come up with your own ways to stand out from the crowd:

“Hi there! My name Is John, I am 32 years old and I work in the technology field. I noticed from your profile that you live in New York city near me and we are close in age. I joined Ashley Madison because I have been missing some very key elements in my marriage. I am looking for someone who wants to enjoy intellectual conversation, jokes and laughter, and if you felt comfortable, eventually a physical friendship where I can spoil you with good times and take you to some of the best restaurants in New York city. I know that the whole married dating scenario can be a little awkward, make you nervous, and even at times be overwhelming. I just want you to know that I am not looking for a sexual relationship. I am looking for an extramarital friendship and I would be interested in hearing more about you. Are you a New York Jets or New York Giants fan? I love football, math, and chick flicks (believe it or not).  If I sound like what you might be seeking on here, please write me back even if it is to politely say, ‘Thanks, but no thanks!’ It would just be good to know you at least read this.   –John”

The third tip on how to have an affair is to refrain from being sexual. While most men who are seeking an affair partner are seeking one to fill sexual wants and needs, most women are seeking an affair partner to fill emotional wants/needs. If you play your cards right, and you fill her needs, she will be all that much more likely to fill yours. A woman wants a man to fill her every need, a man wants a woman to fill his one need. You must remember that the ratio is always in favor of the females who engage in married dating. The women will always get the pick of the litter. The key is to show an interest in them as a person, not just their body and physical appearance.

The fourth tip is that because women are much more discreet in their approach to married dating, the majority of them will create profiles that have little or no information. They will not post a photo and the profile will look fake. These are the profiles that you should be contacting. These women are the least contacted and the ones who will be overlooked. Yes, you will have to try to get to know them before finding out what they look like, but don't just assume that the profile is fake or that the woman who created the profile is unattractive. The experienced male members know these are the best profiles to contact and just because they are not willing to post a photograph does not mean they do not have a photograph. Women are often curious and leave their profile blank just to get into the website so that they can search the male profiles, which brings us to the final keys to success:

FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE THOROUGHLY. Include as much written description about your personality, interests, and anything that will catch her eye and make her intrigued and want to contact you. When women are browsing through the seemingly countless number of male profiles, make her actually stop and have to read yours rather than just clicking through to the next one because yours was not filled out like most of the other male profiles.

Join Ashley Madison today to find what you have been missing. We GUARANTEE that you will find someone to have an affair with!

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