Ashley Madison: Where going fishing and adultery go hand in hand.

What is the most successful and important skill to have when fishing? Patience.


Regardless of the married dating company you choose, the ratio of men to women seeking affairs is always tilted towards more men seeking affairs than women seeking affairs. Because of this slanted ratio to begin with, you will probably want to read all of the information we provide you to make your married dating experience successful. With any dating service, and that includes single dating services such as, many men have seem to lost, or possibly never had, the right techniques to encourage women to want to engage in a relationship with them.


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One of the biggest misconceptions that most men who join Ashley Madison have, is that you will immediately find a woman to have an affair with immediately upon joining. Having an affair is no different than fishing in the lake. The odds are in your favor as long as you exercise some basic rules of fishing. The first rule to fishing is to be patient. Patience is one thing that many men lack when they join Ashley Madison to find a married dating partner. They get frustrated that they didn't find a women in the first few days or even first couple weeks of joining and they give up. The statistics show that more than 64 percent of businesses fail if the measurement of failure is discontinued ownership. Many of these businesses fail or give up before they have put in enough time to become successful. Married dating requires the same patience, time, and commitment, as fishing and making a business successful.


In fishing, in order to catch fish, you need lures, bait, bobbers, and fishing weights. You need to know how to use these tools of the trade effectively in order to “catch” your prey. Finding a woman to have an affair with and beating the odds is no easy task. Using the right method(s) to engage and approach women on Ashley Madison is going to be the most effective tool you can use to connect with a woman who is seeking a discrete relationship.


Would you go fishing with a shotgun? It would work, but the end result is going to be less than satisfying when there is not much of a fish left to cook and eat. Would you go fishing with a net? It would possibly work too given enough chances, but it is not the most effective way to come home with a catch. Would you use a hamburger for bait or shrimp? Why? Because you know that fish would rather eat a shrimp than a hamburger despite the fact that you would rather eat a hamburger than shrimp. When you catch a fish because you used the right lure and bait, and reel it in and find that the fish wasn't the size or species that you want, do you permanently give up, or do you keep being patient and wait for the next one to bite? You must apply these same fishing principles to having an affair.


There are many different ways to complete and accomplish any personal or business task in today's surroundings, environment, and changing world. However, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel, if you learn from other people's mistakes, then suddenly you are much father ahead in accomplishing the same task. As with the hamburger example, the same holds true to infidelity, what is good for one group is not always good for another group. Just because you feel comfortable immediately meeting a woman on the website, doesn't mean that she feels the same way. It will probably take her much longer to feel comfortable with you in order to find someplace to finally meet. If you first email to her is that you want to meet, you can probably bet that she is going to ignore it.


The task at hand here is to find a woman who finds you interesting and appealing enough to be interested in meeting you outside of her current relationship in order to potentially engage in an emotional affair, sexual affair, or cyber affair, depending on what you both are seeking. In order to be able to accomplish this, the woman needs to feel comfortable with you since you are a complete stranger to her, and while she is an adult, even adults know that meeting a complete stranger can be a nerve racking experience, especially when it involves cheating on a spouse or partner. You need to purse any potential affair partner like you would with fishing. Start out slow. What's your hurry to have an affair? Does it really matter if it takes you 3, 6, or 9 months to finally meet that woman who is willing to finally give you what you have been looking for? There is no rush, and once you realize that taking it slow will allow you to think more effectively and likely cause you to be more successful in your approach, you will thank yourself, and us, later.


This is more of an overview of how to be successful in the married dating community. If you are looking for more specific information on the subject, please visit the Affair Playground for affair statistics and to learn the most successful methods to find and engage a woman looking to have an affair and share in the excitement!

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