Ashley's Affair Information - Understanding Why Do Men Cheat

man escapes from his mistress's bedroomThe question that many more women, wives, spouses, and partners are searching for an answer to is: Why do men cheat? The problem is that there is no simple answer because every relationship is completely different. Each relationship is going to have problems that are unique to the men and women in it and the environment that is surrounding it. There are probably hundreds of answers to the question: Why do men cheat?


Studies and statistics have shown that sex is NOT the most common reason that men have an affair. One study by Gary M. Neuman, determined that an emotional disconnection was the main reason that men resorted to infidelity. However, blaming their infidelity on an emotional disconnection could just be a 'cop out' because it sounds like the most legitimate reason if there is one. Men cheat because their spouses are overweight, men will have an affair because of boredom, men cheat because of the thrill, men engage in infidelity because it feels new and exciting, and some men cheat just because the opportunity presented itself.

Wikipedia addresses cheating in regards to human relationships, by stating that couples tend to expect sexual monogamy of each other. If this is the case, then cheating refers to forms of infidelity and adultery. They gray area is in the different levels of infidelity. Some of which may purely be emotional infidelity. Many men do not consider emotional infidelity a form of cheating, despite the likely equal or greater number of women who do consider it cheating. Forming an emotional connection with another women is something that many wives and partners do not feel is acceptable in a relationship.

man cheats on wife with two womenIn a committed relationship, the definition of cheating is based on both parties opinions and understanding of what the other party expects. Many individuals believe that cheating constitutes doing anything, either verbal or physical, that one would not do in front of their significant other or spouse. An example would be expressing attraction to another person through verbal, physical, or electronic communications (such as a cyber affair), kissing or making out, and sexual relations.

An open relationship is a relationship in which the participants are free to have emotional and/or physical relationships with other partners, often within mutually agreed limits. If a couple in an open relationship are married, it can be called an open marriage. In an open relationship, sometimes couples engage in a practice called swinging.

Though the percentages are likely miniscule, men also may cheat for financial reasons, such as an friend with benefits partner who has the financial ability to provide them with more than just sex, but more so dining, entertainment, and fun activities. Men will absolutely cheat for revenge. If a man finds out that his spouse, partner, or significant other has been cheating on him, there is a good chance that the, “get even” mentality will manifest. There is almost no doubt that if a man discovers that his spouses or partner has cheated on him that he is entitled to do the same. Two wrongs don't make a right in theory, but in reality it happens all the time.

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