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The basics about affairs, marital affairs, & married dating.

caught cheating under covers affairsIn order to understand why people are having affairs, we have to first look at who is having affairs. In today's world, life and relationships have become increasingly complicated and boring. The spark that you once had when you initially married your spouse disappeared someswhere along the way. Before you knew it you were on the Internet with a wandering eye, looking for cheating partners and women to have an affair with to bring that happiness and excitement back into your life. You might believe that affairs are typically engaged in by middle to upper class individuals who have good jobs, a family life, and are financially stable, but the truth of the matter is that cheating does not discriminate. Typically, people who are seeking cheating partners have found their lives to be stuck in a rut or found their personal happiness buried somewhere along the way of their home life. Long gone are the days of working late and having an affair with the office secretary, with today's technology the ability to have a discreet emotional or sexual affair is at your fingertips. You have definitely come to the right website. Ashley Madison's married dating services can help you find that special someone who makes you feel young and alive again. Most people will be surprised by the statistics on affairs.

hotel infidelity on bed motel places to cheat married dating servicesIn a Time interview, Mira Kirshenbaum was quoted saying, "...I really thought that affairs were fatal for relationships, but they're not. It all depends on how you deal with it, and that's why I have two sections in the book on how to repair and rebuild and heal the hurts. You need all of that. But if the person who has been cheated on has a talent for forgiveness and the cheater is truly sorry — this is one of the surprising findings — many, many people are able to use the affair as a wake-up call and end up so much happier with a relationship that gives them what they need, instead of just being on automatic and pretending that everything's okay."


There are countless people who have nothing but positive things to say about Ashley Madison's services. The majority of Ashley Madison reviews are from satisfied members who actually put forth the effort to treat women the way they want to be treated... like they matter. There will always be someone who is not happy, typically these are the members who did not follow the basic rules of engagement.


Looking for information about other types of affairs?

Marital, sexual, and emotional affairs are not the only kinds going on in the past, present, or future world today. In fact, there are all many more kinds and types of affairs. There are government affairs, political affairs, veterans affairs, and consumer affairs. Political affairs do not just refer to Eliot Spitzer or Mark Sanford, it generally refers to the illicit or scandalous activities of public officials, such as the Watergate affair, or Iran Contra affair, or to a legally constituted government department, for example, the United Nations Department of Political Affairs.

Who is Ashley Madison?
Is Ashley Madison a SCAM?

love triangle behind the back holding handsThe Ashley Madison Agency is a dating service primary for married dating partners wanting to have an affair and engage in extramarital activities. A Google search for "Ashley Madison articles" returns about 586,000 articles and results, with the top three articles being from written by Time Magazine, National Public Radio (NPR), and the Los Angles Times. With articles about our company all over the Internet, we assure you are company is legitimate, despite the lies circulating around the Internet, Ashley Madison is NOT a scam. Ashley Madison stands behind their products and dating services and offers an Affair Guarantee similar to Match.com's guarantee. Our clientele is based mainly in the United States and Canada, but we have started expanding our brand to other areas across the globe. We have had success in most cities but Toronto, Ontario, New York, NY, and Los Angeles, California are the three of the best locations and most members. We have been featured in many prominent news outlets and countless articles have been written about our company.

Does Ashley Madison encourage people to have an affair or use married dating?

love triangle prying eyes peeking door in bedroom married datingNo, Ashley Madison does not encourage anyone to stray or have an affair, despite our trademark, "Life is short, have an affair." In fact, if you are having difficulty with your marriage or relationship, you should seek counseling. Despite, stereotypes about philanderers abound, most unfaithful people do care about their spouse, despite looking for certain fulfillment outside of their current relationship.

cheating husband with lipstick on his shirtOur company was started in late 2001 and officially launched our website to the public on February 14th, 2002. Our role is to keep clients from taking unnecessary risks and being subject to exposure while they explore the feelings that got them to various websites related to cheating. We want to help provide individuals a safe and anonymous way to find partners to have an affair with, and make their experience a positive one. Providing a married dating service like ours does not make someone more likely to stray any more than increasing the availability of glassware contributes to alcoholism. No report or study contradicts this finding. On the other hand, putting up barriers and making it difficult to stray has never discouraged infidelity; if anything, it simply makes people want to even more.

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