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Hello, I do not really write these types of reviews, but I saw an ad for this site and wanted to see what it was. From there I discovered your media section and immediately saw Dr. Phil had something to say about the site. I am an IT professional and think your site is genius. Although, you could be doing more with it, the recent advertising and commercials are brilliant! First, I just want to say that Dr. Phil is the biggest hypocrite on TV!!! He exploits people's problems in front of an audience to earn a dollar. Also, he loves to setup a bias situation and then exploit it to make himself look good! For example, notice the audience was mostly, if not completely, women! And I would bet women that were probably cheated on. Anyway's, I wish the owner of your company was better prepared to debate Dr. Phil. Just once I wish someone would throw it back in his face and tell that jackass if he really cared about people so much he would perform his service (if you can call it that) for free. There is nothing wrong with what you do! What, 1 out of 2.5 marriages fail. I think that was happening before your web site released. Second, maybe with the popularity of your site, couples in marriages will pay closer attention to each other knowing how easy it has or will become to cheat and get away with it. Finally, you should put on your web site a section called: the beginners guide to cheating, or the theory of cheating, or the cheaters handbook. [Obviously you would have to change the word cheater to something more tasteful. I just like the way it sounds!] This could be a guide to successful cheating and how to avoid the common to advanced mistakes.Oh! Oh! Or a feed back section on stories of getting away with it, and/or getting caught. You know, from anonymous! Then send out an email/newsletter with the highest rated tip or story. My only request is that I get that newsletter for free! Thanks and good luck to you,

Eddie from Los Angeles, California

I would like to first thank you for creating such a unique and fun site! I believe what you and your partners have done is absolutely incredible! I heard your interview recently on the ManCow radio show, which is what prompted me to check into the site and sign myself and my lover up. I have an unusual question for you. Since we've never actually done it before, my lover and I have no clue how to go about getting a motel room for the afternoon WITHOUT using our real names. Do you have any suggestions? Or, do you know of a site that offers information for this type of thing? I didn't know who else to ask and just figured you would be as good as anyone to get info from. Again, thank you so very much for AshleyMadison! We are having a blast being members!

screen name (WeWantAWoman) from Chicago, Illinois


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I was reading some of the testimonials on your web site before I even thought of signing up. I did it over a year ago and met a truly wonderful man. His reasons for being on your site and my reasons were not the same but we connected anyway. We have been together for over a year and enjoyed each others company the whole time. I am writing to thank you for having this available for us. We thought it was time to put aside our secret life and try to establish what we had at home. It was the time of our lives. We learned so much and will carry it on to our marriages we started. I am going to miss him and before we went our separate ways I purchased a star and named it after our secret romance. And I did!Thank you, Forbidden Memories will shine in the sky. The Love I thought consumed me was never meant to be.

eyewanders2 from New York, NY

Hi Darren,I don't know if you remember me, I am the one from Argentina. Just wanted to tell you that a year has already gone by since I met my love, everything is going great, divorced, living in a great apartment with my daughters, they are much happier too. We have been together already for 6 trips, 3 in USA, 2 here in Argentina and in July we went to Europe to meet his family. He came here in August, one year after starting chatting and met my daughters and family and friends and everybody fell in love with him too, he is such a cosmopolitan and interesting and very nice and smart man. Next trip, our 7th will be in November, it is not easy maintaining such a long distance relationship, miss him so much, but I know he is the only man in the world for me. We talk everyday on the phone and chat various times a day and see each other via webcam. So just wanted to update you on how great things turned out. Thank you again for your site, it really changed my life, I have never been so happy as this year, it has been an incredible ride.

Argentina from Philadelphia, PA

Hello, I had to take this opportunity to write you and thank you. Please allow me to share my story with you. I am a 37 year old woman who had more then a fair share of difficulties. I had been in such a loveless marriage for so long. He was abusive to my children and I for so long. I was so empty and lonely. I longed to be in a loving, committed, lasting relationship. When I saw that this might not happen for me I chose to try and fulfill my needs in other ways. I still was not happy and I had, had such a hard life I didn't know what to do anymore.One night while surfing the net I found you site. I decided why not try it out. The reply's I was getting well let's just say they were very interesting but I wasn't sure if I was up for this option being presented to me.One night I r received an e-mail from a man that was very sweet. I decided to respond to him. THANK GOD I DID! It has been several months and I can't tell you how much happiness going to your site has brought me. I have left my husband and I will be divorced in a few weeks. I have found the LOVE OF MY LIFE. This man is every woman's dream come true. He is the answer to all my prayers. I was so lost and so miserable that I would cry myself to sleep every night. We were both in empty dead end marriages and we are now living together and happy. SO HAPPY! We are going to be married and hope to have a child together. I just wanted to write to you and tell you, that because of your site my life has been completed.

Cynthia from Boise, Idaho

My love story at AM. I just wanted to tell you my success story too, after reading some of other people`s stories. I was on this site in August, not for very long, maybe 2 weeks in all. I live in Argentina and was in a very unsatisfying marriage of 18 years, we were like brother and sister, no communication, no sex, only parents to our 15 and 17 year old daughters. Well just for fun I signed up as a guest member saying I was from New York and could only chat, I did put up a picture of me from a trip to Egypt, and it was amazing, I got 1000 responses, I would only read the personalized ones and the majority were very sexual or just flattering but one incredible man, a single man, which I scorned for being on a site for married people sent me a very romantic note inviting me for lunch or dinner in New York, he was from Washington D.C. and thought I might not be interested because we were far away. Well he was surprised when I told him I was really in Argentina. Can you believe it, I fell in love so hard that a week after chatting a bought a plane ticket to go visit him, told my husband I was going to Miami to think about getting a divorce because I could not stand living this life anymore. Well a month after starting chatting with him, I met him, I was so nervous, you can not imagine, I had not ever done anything so crazy. IT WAS WONDERFUL! I stayed there with him for 2 weeks, we had the most fantastic time, talking all the time, the most exciting sex I ever had, all of our fantasies played out. So much romance and love, I did not want to leave him, but I had to come back home. The day after I arrived back to Argentina I asked my husband for a divorce, I experienced something so wonderful that even if it did not work out, I could not stay in my marriage one more day. He has come to visit me here in Argentina and I have been back there in Florida and already planning our next trip, which we call honeymoons. He is the love of my life a nd you helped me find him, I never thought I would find him, had lost all hope,did not think men like him really existed. So you see your site has an international following too. Anything is possible when two people fall in love.

Argentina from Toronto, Canada

We (are) the couple who dropped by on Valentine's Day to say hello and to say Thank You! Quite literally, without Ashley Madison's existence we would never have met. We are both so much happier now together than either of us can remember in our previous relationships. Luck? Fate? Who knows! We are grateful to whatever powers that be that brought the two of us together. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us - an unexpected surprise and and enjoyable meeting. We did want to make you aware from the "user" side of the unique and wonderful service that you provide. One that provides for life changing events!Thank you again for everything! Hope everyone celebrates Valentine's Day the Ashley Madison way. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be spent alone!

Affectionate1 and Sylvie from Tampa, Florida

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!I just wanted to let you guys know what an awesome site this is. I am not computer savvy at all, and it's totally easy to use and you have so many quality men to chose from! I especially like how easy it is to block someone if you're not feeling them. Well about 2 months ago I met an amazing man here at AM, and we have developed a great relationship! he is everything I was looking for and more, I never thought I would meet such a great guy on a website. Your site makes it easy to "break the ice" and just get straight down to being honest about exactly what you want, need or expect. I know you took a bunch of crap on the Dr. Phil show, but that's how I heard about your site and now there are two VERY happy people in a wonderful, fulfilling, happy relationship! Thank you for providing such a great service and keep up the good work!

Female in Southern California

...I like this site way better than other married dating websites, though. It is friendly and does not appear to be in bed with the porn industry like most other sites. The website has real people and very little to no spam. Thanks for that! And the payment method is really user friendly as it is not time based. Keep it low key - Thanks...

San Rafael, CA

I heard reviews about your site on the Dr. Phil show last month, and it made me very curious. Although I did not seek to date a married or attached man, I found your site to be very helpful to me in another way. I thought this site would be very helpful to me as a single young woman currently dating and looking to find a husband.No, not someone else's husband, a good man of my own. I use this site to meet the men on the "other" side of the marriage fence. I want to know what does it take from a man that is unhappy, fed up, bored, not satisfied, unappreciated or just not turned on anymore, to be a good wife so that MY husband does not end up on a site like this someday. I have to admit, at first I thought there would be a bunch of insensitive weirdos, here who just didn't appreciate the good thing they had at home. But after 5 weeks of being on, I found that not to be the case at all. I am very attractive, and my profile is great so I get about 10-30 responses a day. Most of the men that are interested just want someone to talk to, and tell them what a great guy they are....they are all in need of attention. At first it's about the sex, but most of the men on your site would rather establish a relationship than have a one time fling. As a wife I would feel so bad if my man had to go on a website just to get attention and feel loved. Keep up the good work, you're doing a great service for men around the continent! These men are not here because they don't care, on the contrary they are here because they do care! They care about their family, their spouses, their careers, and most importantly them selves! These are all things that suffer a great deal from a divorce. I think that everyone owe's it to themselves to make sure that they're happy, so if that means going onto a website and finding someone else to do the heavy lifting for your spouse, then so be it!! Without AM, there would be a lot more children growing up in a broken home because mommy had a headache or didn't see a problem with letting herself gain 60 pounds after only one child!


My husband and I were watching Dr. Phil tonight and saw the episode with you in it talking about the services that provides. I have to say my husband and I are happily married and I'm sure either of us would be devastated should the other be unfaithful. However, we completely disagree with Dr. Phil's prospective of your moral role in society. As you said, you are simply filling a niche in the market. Bravo to you. We only wish we had your creativity to do something so brilliant. Congratulations on your success.


Thank you for allowing me to try out this website as a guest member. ......I did "meet" someone who I felt a connection with. However, being the conscience driven person that I am, the guilt was too much. I told my husband about this site and having met someone. He was not angry, nor hid he demand that I stop. I have decided of my own accord that I wish to focus entirely on my marriage. To that end I would appreciate it if you could delete my profile and guest membership. Again, thank you for the opportunity. It has actually been a very positive thing for my marriage (you probably don't hear that very often).Best regards,

"seeshore" ad profile: 479873

To all those at AM, I have been an AM member for only a short time, but I've already had a VERY positive experience after just a few emails. I don't know where it will lead, or how long it will last, but what has developed is good for BOTH of us, and we're glad we found each other through your website. Thank you all very much for the service you provide. I know you took some heat on the "Dr. Phil" show a few weeks ago, but your service really is needed by a lot of people who are caught in less-than-fulfilling relationships from which they sometimes can't escape. I don't know if I'll "renew" my membership or not, but if my current "liaison" ends, I know where to go. Thanks again.

San Diego, CA


Dear Darren:I saw your appearance on Dr. Phil and I think you were unfairly attacked. I'm pretty sure that you have anticipated the criticism bought on by members of Dr. Phil's audience and I was very impressed with how you responded to them. I do support your business in providing this particular service and your reasons for having this service available. Your explaining that you do encourage couples to seek marital counseling and that Ashley Madison is simply there for people who have made the decision to seek companionship outside the relationship indeed makes sense. It is obvious that you are very pro-monogamy for couples who are deeply committed to each other. I do not feel at all that your website promotes infidelity. To say it does is like saying bars and pubs are responsible for alcoholism. I am a former business student (with a specialty in entrepreneurship) and your idea is brilliant from a business standpoint.Best of luck to you, your business and your family. I am sure you have a very strong relationship with your wife and you do want what is best for your children too.

Please withhold my name and email address. Thank you.

Hello Darren, I have to give you credit for standing up to Dr. Phil today and defending your right to have a legitimate, legal business even though Dr. Phil and his conservative, "religious" value system were all up in your face trying to make you feel bad about your position. I am not sure if that tactic was just a television ploy (on the part of Dr. Phil) to make his show more "confrontational" and "sensational" or if he really is that big a conservative hypocrite. Everything you said made sense today, and I admire your coolness in presenting your point of view. You definitely have capitalized on a market niche, but isn't that way American ingenuity and capitalism is about? Your Web site is no different than someone owing a bar and serving legal liquor. While many in this society don't believe in drinking, and they may well not believe in adultery either, that doesn't give people the right to rag on you for having filled a need and for having provided a platform for people who are going to cheat on their spouses anyway. Dr. Phil's decrying your "honesty" decries his own. Dr. Phil is making tons of money espousing his own value system which is so very popular right now because this American culture is increasingly right-wing, religiously conservative, and hypocritical. How Dr. Phil makes his mega-money is legal and is entirely possible for him because he is living in a time when these pseudo-religious societal values that tout "morality" are popular. How you make your money is no different. What you do is legal and is entirely possible because we live in this same pseudo-religious, hypocritical society that pretends to have moral values on the one hand while rape, incest, child sexual abuse/molestation, adultery, war, poverty, starvation, etc., go on unabated. I am glad you didn't back down to Dr. Phil's hypocrisy today. Good for you. Dr. Phil thinks he can cow everyone because he's the man. Well, he ain't the man as far as I am concerned. I see through his double standard, and so did you.

Diane Nickols

To Whom It May Concern, I caught the Dr. Phil episode today where either Mr. Dorn (or someone else) had the opportunity to discuss Ashley Madison and why a business like yours exists?Good for you for not backing down! As well as for keeping your dignity and standing your ground in the face of such hypocrisy and straight-laced high-mindedness. I felt the behavior of everyone in the audience, including Dr. Phil himself, was highly moralistic, self-righteous, and judgmental, and it truly angered me. I am happily married, and I am not looking to cheat on my husband. But the simple fact is, there are a lot of people out there looking and planning and totally ready to cheat ANYWAY, so why shouldn't there be an organization like yours that offers a safe, and more controlled option, and at the same time, make a little profit for yourselves? Dear God isn't that supposed to be the ?American Way?? Isn't that the basic crux of American business, especially in terms of finding a niche to fill in the marketplace? It would be a completely different story if Ashley Madison were deliberately keeping married couples away from seeking counseling or advising their clients to cheat rather than seek alternatives that might help towards healing their marriages. But that doesn't seem to be the case here. So, I think people need to get over themselves. Anyway I felt I needed to send you guys this email and let you know that not everyone ?out there? is a hypocritical, moralistic asshole. It doesn't matter whether or not I agree with your company?s schema?but if it?s true that we live in an American capitalistic democracy then don?t we have to respect and accept the existence of a company like Ashley Madison regardless of our own, little ?hang-ups? about it?All best and take care,


Way to go!The honesty certainly survives Dr. Phil's disagreement of the issue. Not interested in your services but they sure aren't twisting anyone's arm.Yes, folks with troubled relationships should get help. But if they were smart enough to do that they undoubtedly wouldn't be troubled in the first place.Hang in there!

Dick McMains

I was watching Dr. Phil today and saw the program about infidelity and all of the positive Ashley Madison reviews. I have been married for 15 years and I do not cheat, however, I do appreciate the way the representative of this web site talked with Dr. Phil. What this gentleman said is so true. It is a choice to be on this website. No one is forcing anyone to sign up. I think if people are willing to hand over $55 to you, enjoy it!!! Thank you,

Dana D'arcy'

ashley madison reviews headlines comments testimonials success stories

I would like to share my story with you and let you know that sometimes love is just around the corner. I was involved in a marriage for almost 23 years, one that I had distanced myself from and was very unhappy in. Over the last lot of years within the marriage I had been preparing myself for the time when I was going to leave. It was not a matter of if but when it would happen. At the beginning of 2010 I decided that it was going to be "the year" and that at the end of 2010 I would be a lot nearer being single. My children were old enough to be capable to manage as children of divorced parents and I was 44 and wanted to move on while we were both young enough to find a second chance with another partner if it were to be so. I heard about Ashley Madison and decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose, I might find a friend that I could lean on and one who would help me on my journey. I might even find even more, who knows! I joined and created a profile and I couldn't believe the multitude of replies that I got overnight. I filtered them out and responded to a few. No one "jumped" out at me until I read one particular "wink" from a man living not too far away from me. We emailed a few times and decided to meet for coffee. I can't explain how you can get "vibes" over the internet but I did from this gentleman. We met for coffee and the rest, they say, is history. There was an instant connection for both of us, very similar interests and ideas. Here we are one year later, I continued along my marital journey and am now separated. I did receive the support (more than I ever imagined) throughout my journey from my new friend. There is nothing but a glowing future for us. We are happy and looking forward to very many years together, and all of this from a web site. We often talk about how we were able to sense the goodness in one another and the genuine feelings that came across the web. Neither of us were on Ashley Madison for more than a week and neither of us are planning to be on it again (sorry!). We both found what we were looking for and I wanted to let you know how successful things have worked out for this one very happy couple. Thank you


For the past year I have wondered not if but how a 60 something guy could safely and confidentially move outside his marriage for the "something" that wasn't there. Then back in late March I listened to your commercial on late night TV and it clicked that this might just be the place. Well! Within 2 weeks I was chatting with a particular person and we agreed to meet. We had coffee...then a lunch...then a supper...then went away for a couple of days and barely a month had gone by! We are now in an exclusive (sexual) relationship so will be leaving your site behind...with much thanks. My profile name was Roof Topper but she calls me Frank because that is what I have been with her.


I would like to thank you for your service, of which I have been a Full Member. The atmosphere, the search options, and the help/advice was very conducive to "dating" from one's own home, until moving on to actually venturing out and meeting the person was the natural thing to do. Happily, I have found the person that I was looking for. Though the physical distance between us is considerable, we are still very close, and manage to be together in person occasionally. At this time, I would like to terminate my membership, and have my profile withdrawn from the system.


I am writing this Ashley Madison review to let you know that your advertising works. While you now have in excess of 10,000,000 members, tonight your total will be one shy. I am leaving for the sole reason that i have been lucky enough to meet the most wonderful lady that your sight has ever carried. In the three short weeks that i have met this lady, my mind has not been able to cram another second with her in it. I am head-over heels about this woman and while I clearly see a future with her, I am happy to say I no longer have one with you. At 43 years old and in a terrible relationship I held no hope other than to see my children grow up knowing that I had played the role of loving father to my greatest ability. For while my wife, in her own right is a fine person, we do not share any love. The thought of never having feelings for another woman again was an unlivable comfort that I have come to realize over the last three years. While I had no disillusions about joining your site, I also had no idea of the wonderful woman that awaited my emails. I have never met anyone as beautiful, loving, caring, generous and adoring as the lady you know as Louann. It is rare that a man can meet the most beautiful person he has ever met on a chat line. But in order to meet the one gem I assure you I did my own share of digging. I am so wonderfully consumed by Louann that the thought of losing her is incomprehensible. I cherish her friendship and any doubt removed from her mind is a self assurance that I do not need to remind myself of. It is impossible to describe the happiness in my heart over the last 3 weeks. I will never meet another woman like her again and I refuse to waste any time not showing her that. While you probably receive hundreds of these emails, I promise you that none has ever been sent with a more sincere heart-felt thank you. Forever in you gratitude.


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