Is Ashley Madison a scam? Is Ashley Madison a fraud?

caught cheating scam fraud women realAshley Madison is ABSOLUTELY NOT a scam or a fraud. When you surf the Internet, you may come across some former, dissatisfied Ashley Madison members who have decided to post rants and raves about how Ashley Madison is a scam, how we took their money and they received little or nothing in return. These websites are all based around anecdotal evidence. Fact is, these few people likely broke most, if not all, of the following suggestions for successfully linking up. Another fact: Most of our members have satisfying experiences throughout their membership and give plenty of positive reviews. But you can’t have a service with nearly 10 million members without having some dissatisfied clients. Like any other online dating service, Ashley isn't going to work for everyone but if you follow the guidelines we lay out for you, we GUARANTEE that you will successfully find what you’re looking for or we'll give you your money back.

Here are the TOP ways to make your married dating experience more positive and SUCCESSFUL:

1. You get out of life, what you put into it. Ashley Madison is no different.

When you join our website, you must create a profile. Like most other dating websites, the people who put forth the time, effort, and details into their profile end up getting better results than those who leave their profile blank, or put in only a few short sentences. A photograph helps your profile stand out and is a great way to market yourself.

2. Start off slow. Your credits have no expiration date.

Too many people come to our website and immediately try to start off a chat session with someone they don't know. You will use up your credits faster and potentially push away connections before you are able to connect. Immediately contacting a woman and asking her if she wants to meet you is most likely going to end up with her getting nervous and abandoning the chat session. Give her some time to get to know you before you ask   her to chat with you or meet you in person.

3. When sending an initial email, be thorough and creative, and for Ashley's sake don't be sexual.

First impressions are everything. If you met a woman at the local coffee shop, would your first words to her be, “Hey, do you like giving oral sex?” Act with some class, introduce yourself and show her that your mother raised you to have some manners and that you know how to treat a lady. Women can be inundated with responses;   by composing an intelligent e-mail you'll catch her attention, and she'll probably be more inclined to respond to you.

4. Spam and fake profiles are not just a problem at Ashley Madison.

Every website that requires users to create accounts faces a problem with bots and spammers. Facebook, MySpace, Craigslist, Yahoo!, Twitter, and every other website on the Internet has, or has had, this problem . We have created a link that allows you to report suspicious profiles to us so that we can investigate and eliminate bogus accounts and profiles. If you do not report them, we cannot eliminate them. We are also continuously trying to improve our methods to prevent these spammers and bots from creating profiles in the first place.

5. Age matters. Size matters, and we do not mean penis size.

If you are a 57 year old man, the chances that a  27 year old woman will want to pursue an affair with you may not be all that realistic . There are plenty of women wanting to have affairs on our website. If you are excessively overweight, it could reduce your chances of finding someone extremely attractive to connect with, even though you contacted 100 women. Just because they  ignored you, does NOT mean that Ashley Madison is a scam or a fraud. Be realistic. And be patient.

6. Refrain from posting, sending or requesting nude photographs until someone requests them.

Women are often much classier than men. Women seek different things than men do when engaging in a marital affair or potentially engaging in an affair. Understand that, “A woman wants one man to satisfy her every need, and a man wants every woman to satisfy his one need.” Posting photographs of your penis in your profile is not necessarily a turn on to a woman, despite what you may believe.

Conclusion: Ashley Madison is NOT a scam; but there are some men who simply do not understand the proper way to interact with, treat, or get to know a woman.



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