Affair Dating Apps have widened the dating pool

Man goes to café and sees girl ordering drinks. Girl sees man in her vicinity. Girl needs help carrying drinks to her seat. Man decides to help, they lock eyes and he asks for a date. Seems insanely old-fashioned, right?! That’s because the dating world has changed dramatically in the last half decade, and powered by the dating app revolution, people are now overwhelmingly experiencing their dating encounters online.

This might be a less than ideal reality for singles searching for romance, but for married people looking to have an affair, for a discreet encounter or an open-marriage, – affair dating apps provide infinite possibilities for their versions of the ideal.

According to researchers from Northwestern university 1, meeting online actually widens the dating pool for people searching for a specific market. “Having more people to choose from really is a huge benefit of online dating, not a disadvantage.”

There ain’t no turning back in our modern techno-sexual dating society. The days of café pick-ups, while not dead, are quickly fading because of the sheer access to an abundance of professed eligibility in the online paradigm - with many admitting that they are seeking an extramarital affair.

Even though the thrill of that face-to-face interaction might never be lost, the benefits of a married dating apps provide a safe discreet playing field for something that is already thrilling enough.


8 Reasons Married Dating Apps Work

1. Try Married dating apps free

The beauty of the majority of good dating apps is that they are free to try out at first. Most sites give the user a taste of the features, allowing them freedom to explore and see the possibilities before eventually drawing them in for a subscription package. The idea is that the app is showing potential users all the possibilities of an online dating experience. When you throw in the fact that married dating is still niche and taboo in modern societies, the ability to just see what’s out there is just a plain ol’ great service. Last but not least, let’s not forget the incredible amount of risk that is involved in the act, and how a married dating app can ease that. An article in esquire.com2 documents why the act must be calculated and measured if it’s going to succeed.

“You have to have rules. You should always fcuk someone who has as much at risk as you do.”

2. Digital apps are a hookup toolwork

Tomas Cahmorro-Premuzic, a professor in business psychology at University College London, offers insight into the depth of our technological tools and how they are a reflection of our efforts to make our desires as efficient as possible3 in their real world manifestations - mobile dating apps are no different.

“Yes, some people still embrace a certain degree of serendipity, but the abundance of tools – admittedly, most still under construction – to reduce the huge gap between demand and supply is bound to make the dating market more efficient and rational.”

3. Looks matter

Matching algorithms and psychological compatibility are fantastic and all, but there is no denying that physical attraction is a top reason why people are tempted to have an affair.

For both married women and men, having a profile pic at your disposal presents possibilities to judge whether the sexual attraction is worth it. In particular for men who cheat, the physical interactions have an emphatic impact.

A survey conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor6, found that both European and American men said the top reason for cheating was because the person “the person they cheated with was attractive.” The same survey of more than 2000 people had more insight, “Some of the other top reasons why men cheated were that they weren't having enough sex, people were hitting on them, and the person they cheated with was there for them.”


4. Emotional connection is actually easier

Believe it or not, joining a married dating app actually creates an instant bond for people. They are part of an exclusive club, a dicey decision to connect on the idea of infidelity/adultery. Of course, there are far deeper nuances to this game than just the sex, and that’s where a married dating app comes in handy. For men, emotional cheating is the second most common reason for having an affair, and an app can provide the type of matches that allow for a better connection, should that be the goal in finding cheating housewives.

In his book, The Truth About Cheating4, Gary Neuman surveyed over 200 men and found 47% cheated due to emotional dissatisfaction. "Our culture tells us that all men need sex to be happy," Neuman says. "But men are emotionally-driven beings, too. They want their wives to show them that they're appreciated, and they want women to understand how hard they're trying to get things right."

5. Compatibility options

This one is an absolute no brainer. As noted above there are a few obvious sexual and emotional reasons why people cheat, but it doesn’t begin to tap into the vast array of preferences that people have when choosing an affair partner, and not to mention the different types of people that seek a married dating app to satisfy their needs. Perhaps there are niche polyamorous dating markets that have success with these apps. Maybe there are kinkier sexual appetites that need to be satisfied. How about single people, gay men/women, lonely housewives, and sexual orientations of all types.

Ron Gonzalez, co-founder of an online dating biotech startup says that chemistry is everything7,  “There’s a huge amount of unpredictability when you meet someone and you’re trying to determine whether you have chemistry or not,” he says. “If we can reduce that unpredictability even by 20 percent, that’s a huge saving of your time and effort while you’re trying to find a partner.”


6. Open Marriages

Ah! We can’t overlook the biggest one, and probably the least controversial one, open-marriages.

One of the more popular reasons for married dating apps is the access for couple who have a pre-arranged agreement to explore other partners. Affair dating apps are a natural way to open up that dating pool but without fear of judgement.

Ceilidhe Wynn, a professional matchmaker wants to see an equal playing field,8 “They need to be normalized just like monogamy has been.” Wynn tells Global News “When monogamous people start to realize that open marriages and polyamorous relationships are often just the same as monogamous ones — just with more people — acceptance can happen.”

Until that day comes, a married dating app is a quick fix.

7. Sexting is sexy

“What are you wearing?” There’s nothing like a steamy text to inspire excitement and sexual appetite for a relationship. If it’s an extramarital affair, the ability to use an app as a discreet measure of flirtatious communication is a welcome bonus. The fact the app is on your phone allows for a bit of thrill. Whether at a business meeting, avoiding the nagging spouse, or during a or workout – a sext can send that rush of positive brain chemistry throughout the day.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association5 concluded that people who sexted more had higher level of sexual satisfaction. “if sexting were only dangerous, it wouldn't be as popular," said study researcher Emily Stasko, a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

8. App Secret Icons don’t draw attention

The nature of an affair app allows for optimized secrecy in the product. That calculator app might actually be the married dating app. That icon with the sports commentary is really a sexting chat with the mistress. It simply adds that extra measure of both thrill and security.secrecy.


Voila, behold the modern dating revolution spearheaded by the techno-sexual app world. For the millions of individuals who say monogamy is not for them, a married dating app is a safer, interesting, and more effective alternative to any real world initial affair interaction. From this checkpoint, Then the rest of the married dating journey can take place.

As Esther Perel would say9, “Monogamy used to be one person for life. Today, monogamy is one person at a time.” Download the best dating apps for your Android or iPhone device today.

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